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Long church services can be hard to sit through as a kid. At some point, most church going kids have been handed a “quiet book.” Whether it’s called that because you can seamlessly turn the felt pages without noise or because it’s meant to shut the kid up, we may never know. 

Provo, Utah is notorious for its dating culture. Between the Mormon version of Tinder, NCMOS (Non Committal Make Out Session), and freakishly short engagements: there’s a lot of material to be poked at. I made a quiet book mocking, I mean highlighting, the dating world I lived in for 4 years.

Time to get ready! Basic Provo or fresh off the mission?

You be the judge.

Step 1. Download Mutual, Step 2. go to Squaw Peak to NCMO

(sorry, I don't make the rules).

Will they take you bowling at the Wilk or will they "get creative" and take you to the Nickel City? Don't forget to send the post-date text

(or do "forget"... I won't tell).

Survive the maze of dead ends, and you can almost hear the Target Registry scanner. *beep beep*

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