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The Mad Gals mission is two-fold:

To cultivate a community of equality, collaboration, and creativity and to prepare females to excel in the advertising world.

This vision guides Mad Gals to pursue methods that unite men and women in celebrating the divine female perspective.

2020-2021 Leadership:

Kiana Manu

Liv Johnston

Evelyn Harper

Erin Anderson

Hayley Christensen

London Halls


AD? DP? Comp? Briefs?! Getting into the Adlab is both exciting and overwhelming. We host a night for newly-admitted Adlabbers to ask questions and get a little more comfortable with the advertising world.

Mad Gals put a special focus this year into bringing women from the ad industry to speak with the Adlab. We were fortunate enough to be inspired by powerhouse women like Terri and Sandy and many others. So far this year we’ve brought 10 different women to speak with the program. 

Terri and Sandy -02.jpg
fresh meat-01.jpg

I think we can all agree that 2020 wasn't our best year... but we wanted to make a video highlighting the moments that made us smile. Just trying to spread a lil love ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mad Gals isn't just yoga nights and Bachelor watch parties. Uncomfortable conversations have been had. We have been vigilant this year to protect the representation and inclusivity of women. We have been pushing for an annual equity survey especially (created by Rachel Langston and London Halls). We have yet to see it be implemented, but we are anticipating a launch soon.

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