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Café Bustelo is a brand that naturally lives in culture. People are repurposing their Bustelo cans as planters, painting the beloved Angelina logo on their nails, and making stickers to rep the brand. It was time for Café Bustelo to tap into this creativity and passion, better representing young Latinx coffee drinkers. So, we unlocked the ‘Café Bustelo Está Aquí’ (Café Bustelo is here) campaign.



Original Music

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Lina (she/they) was born in  Spanish Harlem with her family, who migrated here from the Dominican Republic. She is known for her multifaceted personality and ever-evolving aesthetic. From the skatepark in their Vans to the dance floor in her heels: it’s all Lina. 


They don't have it all figured out but one thing is certain: she is proud of where she comes from and embraces her heritage, while simultaneously pushing boundaries, making her Abuela Angelina, who she’s named after, proud.

She works at a local coffee shop, somewhat to pay for the $725 rent split she shares with her roommates but mostly for the free, unlimited coffee. She doesn't know what's next in her life, but for now she enjoys volunteering at an art therapy studio with children.

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We knew the music for this campaign would push the work to the next level. The scripts were high energy and edgy, and no stock music was going to give us what we needed. 

We partnered with Papa Music in Argentina to ensure the track was a perfect fit to our spots. With the help of  up-and-coming Argentinian star Mia Matahoney, we created a song that fit all the criteria - An energetic and provocative song that you can't help but bop your head to.

We partnered with Creative Director and Illustrator, Andrés Rivera, to bring the campaign to life. As a "Domina-Rican", Bronx native, Andrés is no stranger to Café Bustelo, admitting he used to keep his action figures inside of a Café Bustelo can as a kid. This insight, and many others from the Latinx community, helped inform the creative decisions in the work, especially our Planters TV spot and product-centric social creative.

Bustelo story with phone.png
Bustelo story with phone.png
Bustelo story with phone.png
Bustelo story with phone.png


Inspired by the various genres within Latin music, we created :30 and :15 radio spots to tell a story of Bustelo’s delicious coffee on Spotify and Pandora.

Copywriter and creative partner: Nia Bolling

Art Director: Liv Johnston

Agency: PNY

CCO: Erica Roberts

ECD: Grant Mason, Carlos Perez

GCD: Peter Defries, Alan Wilson

Producers: Roy da le Maza, Daniel Roversi

Animation: BNS - Andrés Rivera

Music: Papa Music

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